Isher Plastic Hangers was formerly known as Isher Wire Products before the company changed its name to Isher Hangers and manufactured products and supplied to the dry cleaning sector with wire hangers.

Over the years trends continued to change and the demand for wire hangers decreased, therefore plastic hangers in 1987 were added to the range of our products. Isher Hangers continued to supply the dry cleaning sector with wire hangers but also started producing plastic hangers to service manufacturers wholesaler and retailers.

We are one of the biggest manufacturers in the UK, We are manufacturing all kind of laundry/dry clean products range of wire hangers, plastic storage boxes & crates, heavy duty hangers and garments rolls.

Isher Hangers is equipped with its own in house tool room, where it’s able to take an idea and turn it into a reality within a matter of weeks. Isher Hangers work closely with its customers to achieve the exceptional standards in the products they produce.